Grounded in the Word. Prepared for life!
"...everyone who is perfectly trained will be like their teacher." -Jesus
Luke 6:40
With all the chaos and uncertainty right now in the world, who do you want to be your teachers? Woke, cancel culture professors? Do today's Marxist-leaning universities prepare you for real-life? Where can you learn the practical skills needed to make an impact in the kingdom of God? 
During your first two years at Charis, you learned how to hear and be led by the voice of God. You can discern what is happening in the world, because your teachers taught you how. Now, it is time to prepare to follow God with boldness wherever He leads you! It's time to learn practical skills for life in your third year program at Charis Bible College! 
As a third-year student, you are given hands-on, practical experience in the field where God has called you. This is where you can put feet to your faith and learn the skills that will propel you to the top of your area of influence!  

Choosing your third-year school

We have been called to transform the nations. This is how we do it! For your third-year experience, you can narrow your focus to one of these seven tracks of influence that shape our world and culture.  

Business School
Business — Get an MBA-quality education from experienced and accomplished business leaders.
Ministry School
Ministry — Hone your teaching skills and develop your fivefold ministry gifts for your specific calling.  
Practical Government School
Practical Government — Be equipped to restore God’s purpose in government and become an advocate for Christians and families.  
Global Training School
Global Training — Get the training you need to pioneer or direct a Charis campus or AWM international office. 
Film and Production School
Film and Production — Change the world, one story at a time through film, TV series, and stage productions.
Worship School
Worship — Learn how to be a leader in worship ministry and the arts by letting Jesus take the stage.  
Leadership School
Leadership — Become the leader God has called you to be with our exclusive mix of Business, Ministry, and Global Training curriculum all in one. 
Charis Bible College graduate ministers to a group of 6 children.
Who are you called to influence? 

Everyone is called to influence others for the Kingdom. But did you know that God has gifted you with specific talents and abilities to reach a certain group, culture or nation? We will help you discover which third-year school "makes your baby leap," so to speak. 

Charis will prepare you for whatever God has called you to. 

You can be grounded in the Word, prepare for your career, and get the practical experience and tools you need from experts in the field, all at an affordable price. 

Charis Bible College graduate flys into a remote African village and poses with large group of people.

Speak with an enrollment counselor to learn more about attending Charis for Third Year. 

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