Be ignited with a passion for evangelism!  
The arts and entertainment sphere is shaping our culture and defining who we are in stronger ways than ever before. This is your opportunity be a light in this industry and to use your gifts to share the Gospel!
Let us equip you with the tools you need to create quality entertainment that will change the hearts and lives of people around the world.   
  • Writing: Learn the fundamentals of the creative writing process.
  • ​Performing Arts: Learn what it takes to develop your skills in singing, dancing, and acting.
  • ​Art and Design: Learn to plan, organize, and create the physical environment that brings the story to life.
  • Filmmaking: Creating, capturing, and producing a story using cameras, lights, and microphones.
Changing the World One Story at a Time
Do you have a passion 
to tell stories?

Do you desire to share Christ with the world?

Then you need to be a part of our Film and Production School! 
At Charis Bible College Film and Production School, we are passionate about seeing people come to faith in Christ. That is why it is our mission to create quality content filled with the true Gospel message. 
As a third-year Film and Production student, you will:
  • Learn how to make the Word come alive through stories and songs in a hands-on, practical environment.
  • Receive direction on how to create, develop, and produce film, TV series, and stage productions.
  • Become a hardworking servant in partnership with the Holy Spirit.
  • ​Develop your God-given talents in order to reach the world with the Word of God. 
Find your God-given purpose while creating content that will change the world.

Speak with an enrollment counselor to learn more about attending the Film and Production School.

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